Frequently Asked Questions

What is Radical Teacher?

RADICAL TEACHER, founded in 1975, is a socialist, feminist, and anti-racist journal dedicated to the theory and practice of teaching. It serves the community of educators who are working for democratic process, peace, and justice. The magazine examines the root causes of inequality and promotes progressive social change.

RADICAL TEACHER publishes articles on classroom practices and curriculum, as well as on educational issues related to gender and sexuality, disability, culture, globalization, privatization, race, class, and other similar topics.

We welcome inquiries and ideas for articles, issues, or conferences from people actively engaged in progressive education.

How do I submit to Radical Teacher?

Please see our "Submit" page for details. As with submissions to all magazines, we recommend that you review past copies of Radical Teacher to ensure that your work will be well suited for this audience of engaged educators.

How often is Radical Teacher published?

Radical Teacher appears three times a year: Spring, Fall and Winter.

Where can I get Radical Teacher?

You can subscribe to the magazine. Please see our "Subscribe" section of this web site. Individual copies of magazines can be ordered through the "Subscribe" section as well. Additionally, Radical Teacher is carried nationally in selected bookstores and newstands.

Is Radical Teacher a peer reviewed journal?

Yes. Articles accepted for Radical Teacher go through a rigorous reading by the cluster editors, managing editor and a group of readers connected to the disciplinary focus of the article.